How Often To Change Furnace Filter

How often to change Furnace Filter? simple and Cool Solution

To keep a Healthy Environment at Home and Office, you should maintain healthy air quality. Furnace filter cleaning is one common issue which is usually ignored. We, the HVAC specialists are sharing the honest suggestions from our experience.


How often to change furnace filter?-It actually depends on the types of furnace filter. To get best result from your heating system, Furnace Cleaning Red Deer HVAC professionals suggest to change 1-2 Inches Filter, every 3 months; 3-4 Inches Filter, every 6 months; and 5-6 Inches Filter, every 9 months .


Here we will find out some other answers in details . What is the definition of Regularity? What are the factors that affect Air Filter? How often to change Furnace Filter? What factors should we care about for Filter?

How often do you really need to change your furnace filter?

It Is Best Solution To Clean Your Furnace Filter In A Regular Period, And The Best Place To Find That Time-Period Is In The Manufacturing Company’s Manual Because This Time Varies From Company To Company.


For example, you can get the Fiberglass Furnace Filter at cheaper prices, but they need to be replaced within every 30 days.


Depending on the thickness, you can change Furnace Filter following this time rule:

  • 1-2 Inches Filter: Every 3 Months
  • 3-4 Inches Filter: Every 6 Months
  • 5-6 Inches Filter: Once in a year
How Often To Change Furnace Filter

How Often Should You Change Your Furnace Filter In The Winter?

Furnace filter is an essential component of your heating system. In the time of winter, you really rely on it because you need to make your room warmth. In this case, the furnace is providing you frequent service. To make your furnace system protected from bacteria and dirt with the regular uses, we suggest you to change your filter every month if possible.

What happens if you don't change your furnace filter?

Though, filter is an important  part, many people hardly realize the importance of changing furnace filter. Apparently, you may not find any problem but in the long run furnace life cycle will be decreased.  


You can ask, How? Furnace filter usually filters dirt’s and debris, but without clean the filter will not able to filter the dust and debris. Hence, internal temperature of  furnace system will increase and short cycling issue will be started.

How to tell if furnace filter needs changing?

Wondering how to tell if furnace filter needs changing?  In general, changing of Furnace Filter depends on the type of HVAC unit you have and the Air Quality of your area. However,  some common signs indicate you need to change your Furnace Filter.


  • Visible Dirt and Dust: If you see Dirt and Dust on the top of Filter material, defiantly you need to change Furnace Filters.
  • Unusual Dusty Room: If You see your room is often dusty than usual time then it’s a matter of concern.
  • Abnormal Heating/Cooling System Behavior: If your Heating Or Cooling System behaves abnormally, then it’s better to check Furnace Filter.
  • Stinky Smell: If you get any bad smell around your room then check Furnace Filter, provided it is not working properly.
  • Check Manual: Confirm Manufacture company’s recommendation for changing the Furnace Filter.  If Filter has been using more than the recommended period then it is better to change the Furnace Filter.
  • MERV Rating: Check for MERV rating, which stands for Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value. It ranges from 1 to 16 rates which tell your Furnace Filter Efficiency Duration. If it is over, then change it ASAP.

Some Factors have a huge impact on the Furnace Filter. For instance, using the time duration of the HVAC unit, different types of Weather, and substance on Air (pet Fur, Dust, Dirt, Allergies particle), etc.

Variables That Affect Furnace Filter

Some common variables have undeniable effects on Furnace Filter:

  • Area of House: Large house contains a large amount of Air. This means Furnace Filter needs to be changed quite frequently.
  • Quality of Air: Village areas Air is fresher than any kind of big city polluted Air. So, living in a big busy city may require more Air Filter change than usual. If you have any construction site near your house then you should take proper maintenance on the Air Filter.
  • Season: just think of the summer of a hot region. Dusty and windy weather all the way. You might need to change the Filter in summer more than winter.
  • Furnace Filter Models: Depending on the Size and Filter Design of a Manufacturing company, Filter needs checking on time.
  • Animals: Furry animals create a significant impact on Furnace Filter. If you are a pet lover then you might need to change your 1-2 Air Filter once in every 30 days ;  4 inches Filter once in every 60 days, and 5 inches Filter once in every 90 days. The more pet you have, the more often you must change the Air Filter. Also, check your Pet’s fur Shading Rate. If the rate is high, then you need to change more frequently.
  • Frequency Of Opening Doors And Windows: Open Doors and Windows allow easy access to Dirt and Dust. If you keep open for a long period, you will notice how quickly home gets Dusty.
  • Habits: Some habits cause a huge impact on the Air Filter. Like smoking damage Air Filter life span very fast. More than one smoke shortens the Air Filter life span significantly.
  • Heating System: heating system or heater fan has a lot of impact on the Air Filter. Constant use of heating fan may require often Air Filter change.
  • Usage Continuity: if you use two or more heating systems or Air conditioner and same Filter for both, then you need to change the Filter often.
  • Household Activity: If you have recently done any kind of Cleaning, Drilling, Repairing, Or Building things like – partition inside the house, then you might need to change the Filter for better Air quality. Those activities create a lot of Dust Particles.

Furnace filter merv rating-you must care about it

As you know Filter has a MERV rating, which stands for Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value – it has 1 to 16 rates. You might think higher rate means better quality. Sure, but it has its standards. Higher MERV rated Filters are generally for Big Industrial Area and Hospital, while mediums are rated best suits on the residential area.


In general, 6 to 12 are for residential areas and 13 to 16 for big industry and hospital. If you use higher-rated Filters such as 14 or 16 ratings, then it might damage your Air cooling or Heating System. Proper MERV rated Filter prevents not only dust and dirt but also can block some types of Toxic Fumes and microscopic virus. If you check, you will find that a higher rated Filter has smaller holes than a lower-rated Filter.


Undoubtedly smaller the hole, faster it gets clogged.  And a clogged Filter impact very negatively in the Air quality of a home. It also can shorten the life span of the Furnace. If you have any asthma patient then he or she might get sick easily.

How often to change furnace filter-Last Word

In conclusion, to prevent damage to the Air-cooling system or Heating System, keeping Furnace functional, as well as keeping yourself healthy, it’s a typical but effective recommendation that changing your Furnace Filter every 45 to 60 days interval, and that’s one task saves a lot.


If you think your heating and ac system need to checked by experts. Furnace Repair Experts Red Deer team is ready at your service. Just send us an email or click on the Contact us button and send your details, we will come back to you soon.

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