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Gas furnace problems | 11 Simple Furnace Troubleshooting

Just Imagine, you are sleeping and suddenly the Furnace starts troubling. With a little experience, you can easily fix some common issues of Furnace. Remark today as red-letter day because you are going to be a mini Doctor of your Furnace System.


Whether you are using a high-efficient gas Furnace or a common gas Furnace, the basic understanding of the gas furnace problems is  very important. Once you will understand then you will able to find out problems and can apply the treatment accordingly.

Problem 1: Thermostat Check: Is It ON or OFF.

Sometimes you might call for technicians for your Furnace but you never know that you could solve this problem by yourself. Yes, sounds silly but it is true. Make sure your Furnace thermostat is set at least Five Degrees above the room temperature. 

Have a look at a few points you can easily check by yourself:

  1. Thermostat Battery Check: If your home Furnace thermostat runs on battery then check the condition of the battery first. It needs to change at a regular interval. If you do not get the desired performance, the thermostat battery needs to replace with a new one and it is a very common issue for the heating unit.
  2. Clean Thermostat: Remove the dust, debris, and other dirt particles from the thermostat. 
  3. Date & Time: Check the date and time of your Furnace system. If you find any error in the Date or Time setting, make it solved by yourself and it is simply an easy task. 
  4. Fuse Checking: Checking the fuse of the Furnace system is really a bottleneck issue. Turn off the circuit breaker and check the fuse properly. 

Problem 2: Getting Low Heat from Furnace?- Reset Home Circuit Breaker

There may be many reasons for getting low heat from the heating system. First, check whether the thermostat is set to ‘Heat’ mode or not. Ensure the thermostat is in Heat mode. Then, change the temperature of the thermostat by pressing the dial button. If you don’t feel any temperature difference then you have to replace the thermostat.


Problem 3: Getting Low Heat from Furnace?- Check and Change the Clogged Filter  

This is a very common but effective solution to get rid of this problem. If your Furnace performs poorly then check the air filter whether it is clogged or not. If you find something like this then replace the filter to get the best performance as well as better air quality.


Problem 4: Dry Furnace Blower? Lube It Every Year

Before the winter comes, you should check all the components of your heating system. Check, especially the Furnace Blower whether it is dirty, dry, or not. Cleaning the Furnace blower and lubricating these components ensures the smooth functioning of the Furnace system as well as it extends the life span.


Problem 5: Facing Rapid Cycling Problem? – Change the Air Filter.

Many causes can create Furnace’s rapid cycling problems. Most common to check the air filter. If you find it dirty or torn then replace it with a new one. It is very easy to fix and cost-effective. But, If you still face a problem next, then you should call for a professional.


Problem 6: Doesn’t Furnace Blow Air? Check the Flashing Light

Let’s discover some easy tricks and tips. Firstly, look into the inspection window, check the blower. If you find any debris, then clean it. Secondly, check the flashing light whether it is in green light mode or red. Greenlight ensures the OK condition and Red Light signals you error condition of Furnace, then call for Furnace service.


Problem-7: Furniture blockage in Venting System?- Redesign

Walk around the whole ventilation pathway of your Furnace system. A simple curtain or pieces of Furniture may cause the blockage of the heating flow. If you find something, then change the furniture position.


Problem-08: Dirty Flame Sensor?- Clean it

If you use a gas Furnace then the flame sensor plays a crucial role because it controls the unsafe burning of fuel. So, check the flame sensor of your Furnace system, as soon as it becomes dirty, clean it to get the optimum performance from the sensor.


Cleans Furnace Sensor in 3 Steps:


Step-1: Turn off the Furnace from Breaker and remove the sensor

Step-2: Softly scrub the sensor and remove the residues and dirt.

Step-3: Connect the sensor properly and resume the power of the Furnace.


Problem-09: Gas Leakage? – Solve it

It may be a rare case but its consequence is very dangerous. Sometimes you may get the smell of gas if you use a gas Furnace system. This smell comes from the leakage of gas from your Furnace system. In that case, immediately leave your house and contact with the gas utility company. Gas leakage not only lessened the performance of your Furnace system but also causes a health hazard for you as well as of your family.


Problem-10: ICE Clogging? – Remove It:

Check your heating system ventilation system whether it is clogged by ice or not. If you find something, it means there has a major problem in your Furnace system. So you need to take consultation from technicians before your Furnace system permanent breaks down. Besides, making sure the intake or exhaust vents of your heating system are free from dust, leaves, debris, etc.  


Problem-11 Want Best Service After Manufacturer Warranty Period?- Tune it Up.

Yes, indeed you expect a longer-lasting service from your heating system but each product has its normal life cycle that is got from the manufacturers, and it’s called the manufacturer’s warranty period. 

If you face heating issues or other related problems, then you should check the instruction manual to get an idea of that heating system manufacturing warranty period. If it is over then you have two options; either you repair and get the moderate service or you should replace your heating system, but people usually repair small issues and use their Furnace system thus get the advantage after the warranty period. 


Last Word-Gas Furnace Problems:

Here we have learned some common problems of Furnace and the solutions. If you clean and repair your Furnace system regularly as per the manufacturer’s recommendation then you can expect a better performance from your Furnace system and your regular tune-up also helps your Furnace to overcome some critical issues before any major problem arises.


If you still face any problem or fail to find out the real causes of your finance not working then you need to consult with the expert technicians. We, the Furnace Cleaning Red Deer team are always with you.


For any help and inquiries, feel free to contact us. We, Furnace Repair Red Deer Team trust in relationships therefore we promise to make you happy with our support hand.

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