Furnace Tune-Up service: Everything You Should Know

How much do you usually spend money on your Furnace system? Are you paying more Utility Bills usually? Before blaming the hike of oil and gas prices, you should think one more time about the Furnace Tune-Up.

Routine Furnace Tune-Up is the most effective way to take care of your Furnace Heating System and all the manufacturers recommend routine Tune-Up by Qualified Technicians for the Furnace Heating System as well.

Reports say that most of the time Furnace Repair is needed for not doing proper routine maintenance. Furnace Tune-Up does not only save your Furnace system from sudden repair but also there are several benefits as well.

Benefits of Furnace Tune-Up:

A routine Furnace Tune-Up helps you in various ways. Here are the most common benefits that you will get after the proper Furnace Tune-Up.

  1. It will extend the Furnace Life Cycle.
  2. It will reduce the Utility Cost
  3. Your Furnace will require fewer repairs.
  4. You can prevent a sudden break down of your Furnace System.
  5. It will control the smoke and pollutants that release in the air.

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Our Furnace Tune-Up Checklist:

It is always important to know what is done during the Furnace Tune-Up process.  If you think all the companies are doing the same task while they are Tuning-up Furnace, then you have the wrong perception. We design the work process in such a comprehensive way that customers can not complain after our work. We recommend these following checkups in the routine Tune-Up

  1. Air Filter Inspection: To make sure whether the air filter is okay or needs to be cleaned or replaced.
  2. Air Fuel Mixture Inspection: Checking the Air-Fuel mixture is working properly or needs to be replaced.
  3. Belt Condition and Tension Audit: Checking the belt condition of Furnace, if required we recommend to replace with a new one.
  4. Burner Cleaning: Using a vacuum, the Debris will be removed from the Burner.
  5. Blower Motor Inspection: Reviewing blower motor for error.
  6. CO Testing: Using a combustion analyzer device, the ratio of Carbon Monoxide and Oxygen is measured.
  7. Condensate line Checking: Using Flashlight, the combustion line is checked for any backup debris and dust.
  8. Combusting Air Checking: Combustion air is needed to make combust with the fuel so the quality and ration are checked to ensure smooth combustion.
  9. Exterior Unit Inspection: Performing the exterior parts and take necessary cleaning and Tune-Up if required.
  10. Flame Sensor Inspection: Series Multimeter Connection technique is used to perform flame sensor inspection.
  11. Furnace Operation Checking: The sequential testing method that audits the Furnace is operating smoothly.
  12. Furnace Power Fuse/switch testing: Checking the fuse condition and switches, and replace if required.
  13. Gas Pressure Inspection: Using the Pressure drop test method using a manometer, gas pressure is tested.
  14. Gas line and safety audit: Perform gas line inspection for a safety audit, and repair or replace is ensured if required.
  15. Heat Exchanger and related Vent system checking: Performing audit for proper ventilation of air, sufficient combustion or air, and smooth run of the heat exchanger.
  16. High-Pressure Safety Inspection: Reviewing the past data and ensuring the required pressure is present in the system.
  17. Ignition System Audit: Over time, the ignitor of the ignition system may be burnt or cracked. Through inspection, the condition can be tested and the required measures will be taken.
  18. Motor Cooling Port Cleaning: Debris and Dirt will be cleaned from the motor cooling port.
  19. Lubricating Motor Parts: Oiling the motor parts will ensure proper functioning.
  20. Pressure Switches Testing: Pressure switches are a safety device that senses the negative pressure which is created by draft inducer motor in the time of Furnace turn on and turn off. Using Multi-Meter, the pressure switches are tested.
  21. Shaft and Bearing Inspection: Auditing the motor shaft, bearing, and oiling those parts.
  22. Thermostat Inspection: Ensuring the temperature is properly calibrated, connections are perfect, the battery is properly charging, the system is clean and dust-free, and turn on and off as appropriate.
  23. Temperature Rise Inspection: Auditing and Adjusting Furnace temperature rise.
  24. Vent System Auditing: Inspecting the vent system in the time of the Furnace system running.
Furnace Tune-Up Red Deer

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Furnace Tune-Up is not an easy task as we pronounce easily. Very specialized knowledge about Furnace System and hands on practical working experience are required. We provide comprehensive Furnace Tune-Up service by our expert Furnace Cleaning Red Deer Technicians so that your Furnace and Heating system’s utility cost will be down as well as Furnace Tune-Up by expert professionals will extend the life cycle of your Furnace system. Routine Tune-Up will prevent your Furnace breaking down suddenly as well. We are just stone throwing distance from you. Just hit the box below to get a Free Estimation.