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 If you need repair of the emergency furnace or if your Furnace becomes old around 20 years or you are paying a higher utility bill but you are not satisfied with its performance, then HVAC services especially furnace repair and maintenance are  essential now for your Furnace system. Furnace maintenance is such a type of crucial work that should not be left to any unskilled people. Furnace Repair Red Deer team is very popular for delivering excellent Furnace Repair services for your home, office, and commercial areas. Our expert technicians are very knowledgeable about new machines and technologies with the newest equipment so they can quickly find out the problem and solve promptly. We always send our high skilled technician so that you can feel the difference and get confidence after his final touch.

Benefits of Maintenance and Repair:

  1. Reduce the Electric Bill: Air filter is very normal but an effective part of your furnace. By replacing the air filter you can easily control the electricity bill.
  2. Doubling Life Span: Regularly tune-up and maintenance will increase the life span as compared to the regular furnace system, and as well as it will increase the performance of your furnace.
  3. Increased Air Quality: As air moves through the duct pipe network, a lot of particles like Mildew, Bacteria, Dust, Pollen, etc. can easily be contaminated with the air and it creates problems to those who have been suffering from allergies or asthma. All these issues can easily be reduced by maintaining the furnace system.
  4. Minimizing Leakage: If your furnace uses natural gas then sniffing air test help you to find out leakage. Maintenance helps you to ensure that there is no leakage in the furnace system and this test should be performed regularly.
  5. Minimize Health Risk: If the furnace is regularly tuned up then the furnace will give you fresh air inside your home and office thus the health risk can be minimized drastically.
  6. Repair Cost Lowering: As you are doing regular maintenance so the faults which could create major repair issues, are easily be detected and thus it saves the extra repair cost.
  7. Increase Reliability: Regular Maintenance ensures the top performance of furnace thus it increases the reliability.

What we do in the time of Maintenance:

  • Safety Controls Inspections
  • Wire Connection Inspection
  • Burners and Related Component Inspection and Cleaning
  • Heat Exchanger Inspection
  • Thermocouple and Flame Sensor Inspection and Cleaning
  • Spark Electrode and Ignitor Checking and Cleaning
  • Filter Checking and Replacement if required.
  • Blower Cleaning and Inspection
  • Capacitor Performance Testing
  • Dampers adjusting
  • Condensate Drains and traps checking and inspecting
  • Venting system Inspection
  • Moving Pars Lubrication
  • Inspecting the furnace ignition and flame
  • Inspecting the manifold pressure
  • Monitoring the clock input
  • Blower Speed Inspection and Control
  • Monitoring Temperature Rise Performance
  • Carbon Monoxide Testing for Circulating Air and Air Vent
  • Fuel line leakage testing
  • Pressure testing of gas pipe
  • Operational Manual Testing
  • Furnace Basic Cleaning
  • Estimating Utility cost and Furnace Life expectancy with customers.
  • Smoke Detector Battery Checking and Replacement
  • CO Alarm Checking
  • Reviewing Data, Documenting Result and Recommendation

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When do you need furnace repair & maintenance?

  1. You are not getting the same temperature in your home and workplace.
  2. You are getting bad smells in your home and office.
  3. Your furnace system is creating unusual noises.
  4. You are experiencing a higher energy bill than regular time.
  5. You are not getting adequate air from the Furnace system
  6. Your furnace is not producing warm air that you expect.
  7. Your furnace is taking more time to turn on.
  8. Your furnace is more than 7-8 years old.
  9. Your furnace has not been serviced in over a year.
  10. Your Furnace is occurring Automatic Shutdown.
Furnace Duct Repair & Maintenance

Why Us ?

1. We provide the most experienced technician:

All of our technicians are well trained and experienced whom you can fully rely on your home heating and air conditioning projects around Red Deer.

2. 24/7 Emergency Telephone Support after the service is required:

You can contact us for any emergency service , and after the service, we also keep in touch with the customer for the support as well so customers get full after service benefits from us. 

3. Very affordable price:

We trust in relationships than business hence, we always look forward to making relationships at a very reasonable price.

4. We are just a call away :

To make sure of the prompt customer service , we have designed our service in such a way that customers can get our service in a very quick time.

5. 15% discount if you take any service before:

When you sign up with us for any maintenance and repair package you will have the option to enjoy 15% off if you take our service in past.


Prevention is better than cure. Therefore, if you assume that your Furnace system needs repair, then this is the best time to repair and maintenance before the problem got worsens.

Our Furnace Repair Red Deer team is ready to come to you as soon as possible and detect the problem and provide you the best and effective long-lasting economical solution. Our Furnace Repair team of Red Deer is highly trained, Technically Excelled, and Professionally Certified to solve problems and repair in the first visit because we carry almost all common parts with us. Just click below to book your schedule. Also you can call us and follow us our Facebook page.

Yes, we also provide air conditioning services and emergency service by our expert technicians to ensure better customer service in Red Deer.

Furnace filters should be cleaned once in every 90 Days.

Furnace installation average cost may range from $3500-$4500. Sometimes this pricing rise upto $7000-$8000.

Yes, we also provide air conditioning services and emergency service by our expert technicians to ensure better customer service in Red Deer.

Furnace filters should be cleaned once in every 90 Days.

Furnace installation average cost may range from $3500-$4500. Sometimes this pricing rise upto $7000-$8000.

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